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I’ve written 150+ articles which have been featured and quoted in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Computer Weekly, HuffPost. Topics ranges from design, entrepreneurship to diversity.

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Ar article

5 Best Augmented Reality Apps and Games in 2016

According to Digi-Capital, the AR market will be worth $120 billion by 2020. Talk about explosive growth. While the Microsoft Hololens and AR startup Magic Leap will likely dominate this market, there will still be room for numerous AR apps for mobile devices as well. In fact, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that Pokémon Go’s success is a sure sign that AR apps on mobile devices will be the first place AR becomes mainstream. While Pokémon Go is undoubtedly a huge success, there are numerous other AR games and apps out that are pushing the boundaries of AR further than this most recent phenomenon.

Apps article

This Is Why Your Business Needs an App in 2016

Back in 2009, Apple showed off its latest run of iPhones with an ad campaign marked by a now legendary slogan: “There’s an app for that.” Apple went on to trademark the phrase in 2010, and since then, apps have become one of the most ubiquitous means of technological interaction out there. You can find millions of apps across many different marketplaces for a wide array of technologies, but interestingly enough, because of Apple’s 2009 ad campaign, apps are still by and large associated with mobile devices, specifically iPhones and Android phones. Indeed, it seems that many people just assume “mobile app” when they hear the word “app.”