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Ellie Martin

Business Writer, Editor, Founder

I’ve written 150+ articles which have been featured and quoted in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Computer Weekly, HuffPost. Topics ranges from design, entrepreneurship to diversity.

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There's No Excuse for Making Any of These 9 Fatal Startup Mistakes

Check out some of these mistakes below, and be on the lookout. The sooner you catch yourself making these, the faster you can stop -- and then succeed.

Ent article

Why Women Entrepreneurs Can Do More With Less

There's no doubt that women entrepreneurs often struggle with less access to funding for startups. Venture capitalists and other investors might want to pay a bit more attention to female startup owners, though. Not only are they just as capable, but they are also able to do more with less.

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The 7 Best Freelance Sites to Find Work

This time last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 15.5 million people in the United States were self-employed. By 2020, that number is expected to shoot to roughly 60 million, or more than 40 percent of our nation’s workforce.